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Are you tired of the same old unified pen design that everyone else uses? If you can choose what you wear today, why can't you choose what you write with today? A Santa Clause Pen is a perfect insignia of your holiday spirit! Our pen has long been under-estimated as part of personalized accessories. Well, NOT ANYMORE! No more blue, black, and clear pen!

What we do

Solar Studio is a gift and stationary supplier. We specialize in Feather pen, Funny pen, and FuNkY pens. We have the largest selection of feather pen in the world. Most important, we can CUSTOM DESIGN the pen you want!

Why "Solar Studio?"

We are a company that radiants bright, positive energy. From drawing designs, scuplturing molds, to mass manufacturing, we cover all aspects needed to bring your product to life. We symbolize "the source". Hence the name, "Solar Studio"

Our promises

Solar Studio is a fusion company of FYC on design and background of experienced manufacturing. FYC stands for Fresh Young & Creative. Our products are not only quality assured, delivery time assured, but also ZEST assured. Solar Studio's designing team has already ODM several market-winning designs for various companies during last few years. Proven successes guarantee our product's marketability. Contact Solar Studio now for samples that will stun your imagination.